Logistics in all forms plays a significant role in a global economic scenario, often ranging between 4-12 per cent of the country’s GDP, between the developed and the developing countries. The percentage of losses and wastage are often very significant in the overall logistics process, in most markets.

Customers even today rely more on "trial & error" methods, rather than "tried & tested" well-planned logistics processes, due to a huge gap in the intellectual capital related to the logistics business. There is vast opportunity in the consultancy business related to a focused procurement plan and logistics planning; wherein customers expect a partner to guide them in their supply chain needs while allowing themselves to focus and direct their manpower on their core businesses.

S CUBE's Consultancy arm will provide very specialised LOGISTICS CONSULTANCY support to clients in the following areas :
Design and construct for clients logistic tenders and bid documents, particularly focused towards MNC's & Government Organisations

Project Feasibility study on procurement, logistics cost & options

Conceptualise and plan the overall supply chain process

Focused evaluation on logistics deliverables

Analysis and assessment of logistics costs

Technical study & route survey vis - a - vis proposed Bill of Material

Bathmetric study related to mid-sea operation

Shipping & Barge operations planning

Analysis of ideal movement plan, after assessing several multi-modal options

Customs & Indirect Tax Consultancy

Liaison with departments like Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Directorate General of Hydrocarbon (DGH) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) & other such Govt. Departments

Compliance related to issues on Health, Safety, Security, Environment and other country-specific legalities


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